Senior Liability Underwriter - Kym Dalli

Senior Liability Underwriter - Kym Dalli

We introduce Halo's Senior Liability Underwriter, Kym Dalli. As the first underwriter on board for Halo, Kym has been crucial in the development of our liability offering. Here, she shares a little about her journey.

How long have you been working in the insurance industry, and have you always been a liability underwriter?

I have been working in the insurance industry for 16 years. My first introduction to the sector was as an Underwriting Assistant in an agency specialising in Property and Liability Insurance. Early on, I was fortunate to receive mentorship and training from senior liability underwriters who had extensive knowledge and who guided me along the career path of becoming a liability underwriter. I haven't deviated from this path and the industry has offered me the opportunity to not only grow as a professional, but also offered stability and flexibility as my family has grown.

What attracted you to Halo as a career step? What’s the most important factor when you think about your workplace/career?

I was attracted to Halo because of the opportunity to be part of the start-up journey and (another) chance to work with a group of talented and experienced people whom I respect and admire. One of the most important factors for me when considering a workplace is ensuring that there is the possibility for my own personal growth and career development, whilst also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The Halo proposition is all about having an ‘appetite for business’. What does this mean and how do you deliver on it personally / as a team?

To me, having an ‘appetite for business’ means that as Halo we have a strong desire to be an underwriting agency that is always open to opportunities and new ideas. We understand that certain risks are becoming increasingly difficult to place. We have the knowledge and willingness to understand a risk and assist with finding a solution for our broker partners.

One of the hardest things to orchestrate in a small business is culture. As a key leader within Halo, how will you be helping to drive the development of a positive culture?

I hope to help Halo drive the development of a positive culture by communicating effectively and honestly, facilitating a safe and trusting environment and providing opportunities for and supporting the development of all of our team members.

So far, what has been the most rewarding aspect of helping build out the Halo offering / what are you most looking forward to?

The opportunity to experience and learn how an underwriting agency is brought to life, from concept through to launch, has been great. It has been a challenging but exciting learning curve, and provided alot of insight into areas (such as technology build), that I had not previously been exposed to.

I am excited to work alongside the Halo team as we strive to grow, and I really look forward to continuing to develop my relationships with our broker partners.